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​​​​​​​My passion is grounded in creating transformative spaces that inspire people to move beyond their
​comfort zones.


I learned to do this while working in the Client Experience Lab at Deloitte; with awesome design firms such as IDEO, Future Partners and SY Partners. They taught me about design thinking and then encouraged me to create more interactive exercises and frameworks on my own. This is why I founded Hangar 10, so I could keep creating new and engaging ways to get business people–  out of their business world – to discover their next best idea.

Clients have told me they appreciate that I reduce the noise and clutter in their world to help them gain clarity on the issue at hand. They appreciate my diverse background and experience which helps them see things from a different lens and accelerate decision-making. The environment is designed around the five senses to create a holistic experience. This helps my clients see value where others don't see it.

​​​With 20 years in business, I’ve seen first-hand how the space you’re working in can have a significant impact on your ideas, attitudes and output. I’ve helped solve business issues, build strategies, elevate relationships, develop leadership programs and re-brand products through design and creativity.

​I believe design is a creative force that lifts up
quality and fulfills the business circle leading to
the future. I bridge the gap between design and
creative workers potential and business
opportunities in the market place. Through
my design, consulting and workshops,
I can help your people and company grow.

Why the name – Hangar 10?

A Hangar is an open vessel with space to let your imagination run wild. There are no restrictions in the Hangar, the space is open and will adapt as needed; which is what my workshops are all about - Imagination, Change, Growth. The number 10 happens to be one of my favorite numbers. This why my business is called Hangar 10.

The name came to me through Mike and Greg at Future. They were working on a project where they were considering splitting a plane in half in the middle of S.F. bay. Complete truth! Because of the open-ness and diversity that can happen in a Hangar, they thought of my work and approached me with the name for my business.The plane didn't happen; but the name and my business did! Thanks Mike and Greg!